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BCPC Awareness and Consultation program launched today in Buin

Bougainville President, Ishmael Toroama, today completed a region-wide launch to mark the awareness phase for the Bougainville Constitutional Planning Commission.

The President started the region-wide launch in Buka for North Region on Monday, in Arawa for Central Region yesterday and today in Buin for South Region.

The launch means the Bougainville Constitutional Planning Commission can now go ahead and start awareness of its work throughout the  autonomous region.

Speaking in Buin this morning, President Toroama says, because the people have voted for independence, it is now the government's obligation to complete the necessary processes to bring the people's wish into reality.

He's encouraged the people to work with the Constitutional Planning Commission give their views and instruct the commission to write a homegrown law that will safeguard and benefit them.

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