Radio Ples Lain 89.1 FM

Autonomous Voice Blong Bougainville

Radio Ples Lain 89.1 FM

Radio Ples Lain is a mobile, community radio station that was launched in 2014 by the ABG with support from the governments of Australia and New Zealand through the Government Implementation Fund (GIF). The main purpose of the radio station is to disseminate important government messages to the bulk of the population in remote areas that do not have easy access to news and information.


Since its launch in 2014, RPL has broadcast coverage of major events in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville such as:

  • Live coverage on the reopening of Aropa Airport in Kieta
  • Live coverage of ABG Parliament Sittings
  • Live coverage of the ABG Election awareness and counting
  • Live coverage of the ABG Inauguration 2015
  • Community Awareness Broadcast of government messages to North, Central and South.


  • In 2016, RPL changed its broadcast frequency to 89.1 FM and was able to carry out awareness broadcasts to remote areas of South Bougainville starting from Buin to Siwai and Bana.
  • RPL began its 2016 awareness broadcast at Buin covering the Mini South Bougainville Youth Convention where over 200 youths from South attended. RPL then travelled to Lule COE broadcasting ABG programs.
  • RPL travelled into Siwai and Bana Districts after visiting Buin and broadcast ABG messages. People wecomed these messages as they felt they had previously missed out on vital government news and information. They stressed that RPL’s visit and broadcast in the community was important and the government should improve such facilities so that remote areas would have access to information and news.
  • RPL has recently been one of the first government entities invited to visit the Guava Community of Panguna District during the AROB Remembrance Day celebrations on the 17th of May 2016. This historic and significant event also coincided with a week-long meeting for the Panguna District Youth Association where 40 participants from four COEs namely Eivo, Torau, Ioro 1 and Ioro 2 attended. The meeting ended with a youth forum on developmental issues including good governance, education, referendum, mining, and social issues. A resolution was also passed for funding to be sought for youths to carry out awareness within their respective COEs.


  • RPL relays ABG programs that are produced by the Radio Communications Officer in the Bureau of Public Affairs, Media and Communication that is played on NBC Bougainville. These programs include updates from the President’s Office, Chief Secretary, Implementation of Autonomy, Referendum updates, Community Development, Justice, Technical Services, and more.
  • RPL also relays live talents and hosts panel discussions while out on awareness broadcasts.
  • RPL hosts a Talk Back show on Friday evenings. During these shows public officials receive and answer people's questions from all over Bougainville.
  • RPL is a government owned mobile radio station that provides coverage for free, it is not a permanent radio station and can provide coverage for any major events and happenings upon request from organisers.


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