Bougainville Constitution

The Region's founding document

Bougainville Constitution

The Consititution of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville was completed in 2004.


The document is organised into the following sections:

  1. Bougainville
  2. Schedules repeating certain provisions of National Constitutional Laws
  3. Bougainville Objectives and Directive
  4. Structure of Government
  5. The Bougainville Legislative
  6. The Bougainville Executive
  7. Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee and Appointments Generally
  8. Constituencies and Elections
  9. Administration of Justice
  10. Bougainville Government Services
  11. Finances and Financial Management and Control
  12. The Bougainville Ombudsman 
  13. Leadership Code
  14. Human Rights
  15. Issues arising from the Bougainville Conflict
  16. Bougainville Constitutional Offfice-holders and Bougainville Constitutional Institutions
  17. Bougainville Referendum
  18. Consultation and Participation
  19. Emergency Procedures and Powers 
  20. Intergovernmental Relations and Review
  21. This Constitution
  22. Alteration of this Constitution and of Part XIV (Bougainville Government and Bougainville Referendum) of the National Constitution, etc.
  23. Review of this Constitution, etc.
  24. Miscellaneous
  25. First Bougainville general election and first meeting of the House of Representatives
  26. Other Interim Arrangements