Department of Mineral and Energy Resources

Department of Mineral and Energy Resources


Headed by Secretary PETER KOLOTEIN under the ministerial leadership of Honorable Ishmael Toroama, President & Minister for Mineral and Energy Resources, Its mandate is focused on:

  • Mineral resources
  • Geological Hazard Management
  • Energy resources



A tripartite Land Access and Compensation Agreement (LACA) was signed between the traditional landowners from Manetai and Lakeville Mines Ltd signifying an important achievement in the progress of the development of the Manetai Limestone project. 


The Autonomous Bougainville Government today launched the Bougainville Energy Policy under the sector vision of "accessible, affordable, reliable and sustained modern energy for the people of Bougainville". 


The Department of Mineral and Energy Resources (DoMER) has set its strategic objectives for the next five years, according to Secretary Mr. Peter Kolotein.