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Bougainville declared as referendum-ready

All constituencies in Bougainville today completed their process of declaration as ‘referendum-ready’, under the Constituency Referendum Ready Concept.

This concept was a home-grown initiative undertaken by all members of the Bougainville House of Representatives to ensure that all constituencies are declared weapons-free and referendum-ready before the vote.

All 33 constituencies tabled their final reports today in parliament, followed by the official declaration of a weapons-free, united and referendum-ready Bougainville, which was made by the ABG President, Hon. Chief Dr John Momis.

“This far demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensure that Bougainville is ready to go into the referendum with confidence and as a unified body,” Momis stated. 

“On behalf of the leaders, past and present, and for the sake of informed decision, free, fair and peaceful referendum, I announce my people’s commitment to continue with civic education and awareness, good governance, implementation of the referendum outcome, including continuous political consultations, inter-parliament dialogue, negotiations on the referendum processes, peace-building and political settlement.”

“I reaffirm that the people of Bougainville had made an affirmation to uphold at all times and have respect for the rule of law, resolutions of the Bougainville House of Representatives, Bougainville Executive Council decisions, Joint Supervisory Body resolutions, leadership of the Government of PNG, international partners, Bougainville Referendum Commission, referendum outcome.”

The declaration also recognized the commitments made at the Bougainville Veterans Summit in July this year and committed to upholding these key outcomes.

The President also acknowledged the great progress made in the weapons disposal process, noting that the collection of the remaining 15 per cent of weapons was collected yesterday in Panguna.

President Momis thanked the ABG constituency and community government members, the National Government, development partners and the people of Bougainville, for their collective efforts in this important process to prepare Bougainville for the referendum.

“People of Bougainville, in unity we are firm, and Bougainville is referendum-ready,” Momis declared.

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