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Bougainville set to host Trade & Investment Conference

As the ABG Vice President and the Minister for Commerce, Trade and Economic Development, I am very delighted to announce that Bougainville will host its Bougainville Trade & Investment Conference on October 11th to the 12th 2022, in Arawa.
The theme for this Conference is “Promote sustainable and inclusive Economic Growth and Development to improve the welfare of all Bougainvilleans for self-governance.”
Preparations for the Conference is well underway with a number of activities planned for the two-day event including presentations by economic experts on narrowing Bougainville’s fiscal gap and stimulating trade and investment in Bougainville.
The Conference will bring together key stakeholders including business individuals and groups, economic experts, national and international investors and economic sector agencies in government to connect and discuss the economic and investment opportunities for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
By far one of the exciting features will be the opportunity for our Bougainville SMEs particularly in the cottage industry to explore markets and establish business connections with various participants at the Expo.
The Summit is expected to draw in up to a hundred participants nationally and internationally including participation from the Australia and Papua New Guinea Business Council.
As Minister responsible for Commerce, Trade and Economic Development, I recently made an announcement that Bougainville is ‘open for business’ under the ABG’s Inward Investment Act 2018.
The Conference presents Bougainville with the opportunity to portray itself as a potential destination for world class investment, and will contribute to the government’s ambition to deliver on a strong local economy which will be recognized both nationally and internationally as a good place for business investment.
Apart from this Summit, the Toroama-Nisira Government has plans already underway to build its economy through economic-focused programs such as the establishment of duty free and tax-free zones in selected sites in Bougainville and the development of financial hubs to make Bougainville attractive for investment.
A number of key outcomes are expected from this summit which includes developing a better understanding of the determinants of trade and investment flows, investment climate constraints and agreements on the roadmap towards narrowing the fiscal gap.
This will enable the ABG to effectively develop and target revenue improvement strategies through enhanced public engagement and also support its vision for self-government.
Hon. Patrick Nisira
Vice President and Minister for Commerce, Trade and Economic Development

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