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Congratulatory Message to Hon. Carol Poli, Member-elect for Mahari Constituency

Leadership in any form is the ability to translate dreams into reality. For us in Bougainville our leaders are charged by our people to translate our dreams of self-determination into proclaiming Bougainville as an Independent Sovereign State.

I am happy to congratulate the new Member for Mahari Constituency Hon. Carol Poli who was sworn in today at the Bougainville House of Representatives in Buka. She joins the new crop of leaders in the Fourth House who are all working hard and working together for us to realize our ultimate political goal of independence.

The election of Hon. Carol Poli brings the total number of women elected into the Fourth House up to five. This is indeed very unique and shows our people’s ability to see beyond gender, creed and ethnicity.

I am of the belief that she will support the decision by this government to never compromise our political aspirations and to remain absolute and true to our vocation to deliver independence for our people. It is our right and it is our destiny.

Once again I congratulate the Hon. Carol Poli Member for Mahari Constituency on her election and swearing in. The people of Mahari have spoken and I wish you all the best in your service to them.

We remain steadfast in our resolve to be free, to respect democracy and to protect the rights of our people.


Hon. Ishmael Toroama, MHR


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