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Department Heads sworn in today

The Autonomous Bougainville Government has sworn-in ten new Secretaries to head its government departments in the Bougainville Public Service.

This follows the Toroama Nisira Government’s recruitment exercise for the senior positions in the Bougainville Administration that commenced with the departmental heads.  

The Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee which carries out the selection process, is chaired by Bougainville President Ishmael Toroama, completed its appointments in April following a grueling selection process.

Amongst the ten departmental heads sworn in today was Chief Secretary to the ABG Shadrach Himata who has been in an acting capacity for almost two years.

The other nine persons sworn in today as new Secretaries are;

1.       John Auna – Secretary for Finance and Treasury 2.       Joel Nava – Secretary for Education

3.       Stephanie Elizah – Secretary for Bougainville Independence Mission Implementation

4.       Lynette Baratai – Pokas – Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning

5.       Alex Kerangpuna – Secretary for Commerce Trade and Economic Services

6.       Tony Koiri – Secretary for Technical Services

7.       Kenneth Dovaro – Secretary for Department of Primary Industry and Marine Resources

8.       Timothy Gaemate – Secretary for President and Bougainville Executive Council


Secretary for Community Government, Elly Sawa was not sworn in today due to being on duty travel in Port Moresby.

President Ishmael Toroama encouraged collaboration engagement between the departments in dealing with their respective priorities and implementing Bougainville’s Independence Mission.

President Toroama also stressed the need for departments to start utilizing the Sharp Agreement to draw down powers and functions from Waigani as well as creating a better relationship between the political and administrative arms of the ABG.

President Toroama expressed his optimism in building a cohesive partnership between the two arms of the ABG to ensure efficient service delivery and gaining traction in the Bougainville Independence Mission.

He urged the newly sworn in secretaries to carry out their duties with integrity, accountability and transparency.

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