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Hand over take over of the ministry for police and correctional services

Today marked the hand over-takeover of the ministerial portfolio for the Police and Correctional service from the former minister Hon. Carlos Emmanuel Kaetavara to the current Hon. Jon Bosco Ragu.

The former Minister for Police and Correctional Services, Hon. Carlos Emmanuel Kaetavara resigned from his duties but urged to still support the new minister in implementing programmes under the security infrastructure.

He said that the law and justice sector was his top priority which he wanted to see some important programmes come to past. He acknowledged the President Hon. Ishmael Toroama for giving the people of Baba Constituency the chance to have a voice in the parliament through the ministry.

Member for Tsitalato Constituency, Hon. John Bosco Ragu accepted the resounding comments made by Kaetavara and acknowledged Mr Toroama for now having the confidence in the Tsitalato people for making law and Justice work in Bougainville.

He said that there was a lot of work that needed critical attendtion on and that he needed the support he can get from the police, correctional service, the development partners, the government and the people of the Tsitalato Constituencies.

Staff from the Bougainville Police Service (BPS) and the Correctional Service unit paraded for the last time to farewell Kaetavara and at the same time welcomes Ragu at the Hutjenal Oval today.

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