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Mud-crab a potential income generating commodity

The Department of Primary Industry (DPI) has concluded week training on mud-crab farming at Petats Island, Buka, Bougainville.

The mud-crab training was an eye opener experience for many of the local farmers who attended the training to receive knowledge on how to prepare the traps for the mud crab and how to catch and when to sell the sea food.

This was DPI’s first training on the popular mud sea food that is widely eaten at the north region and was conducted because many of the locals lacked knowledge on how to farm and catch the favorite food. Trainees were mainly volunteers and contributors to community work who have a strong experience in chef and catering.

James Wara a representative of the participants acknowledged the Department for taking the initiative in conducting the training as it was also a need for many who did not know the basic steps of farming mud crab.

He said that it was the first time such training had occurred at Petats Island and the people greatly welcome the department to teach them the basic skills of fisheries and sea food farming.

He added that it was an activity that could contribute to the daily income and economy development at the community level and it was also an eco friendly project which the community could enjoy while farming.

 He said that there was no fees paid by the trainees to attend the workshop and was very fortunate to be a participant and graduated with a certificate as well.

Secretary for Department of Primary Industry (DPI) Kenneth Dovaro acknowledged the Tonsu Constituency people for allowing the training to go ahead although notices were given out at a very short time.

Mr Dovaro said that the department was taking little steps in contributing to the overall Growth and Domestic Product (GDP) of the region and mud crab was identified as a very popular sea food that consumers can spend a lot of money on for a simple meal and that there was a high demand of purchasing the food by the customers.

He said that, the project has identified mud-crab as the winning income generating commodity that the department wanted to invest on training because of its potential to earn income next to fish and other cash crops.

He added that there was no issue with the markets and that mud-crab can be sold quickly whether it is at a location or to a neighboring island.

The training ended on a high note with the participants receiving their certificates that allows for them to conduct the training.

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