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Save the Children Fund continues to support women and children in Bougainville

The Save the Children Fund in Australia in partnership with the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) has supplied nine health facilities throughout Bougainville with solar lighting equipment on Monday.

This was made possible by the funding provided from the Australian citizens tax payers, according to Bougainville based Save the Children Fund office Project Manager Mr Ronnie Imahan who presented the lighting equipment to the Department of Health.

He said that the equipment were purchased under the health and nutrition projects of the ABG-Department of Health (DoH) and were identified as a need for the health facilities that were newly established in all the three regions of Bougainville.

Mr Imahan said that funding support from the Save the Children Fund was to support the Health department to implement projects listed under health and nutrition programe for pregnant mothers and new born babies.

Save the Children Fund has identified volunteers who would care for mothers and new born babies. The volunteers or peer support team would receive training before they can attend to the patients at their communities, he said.

He said that this was the second year into the project and the funding support by the Save the Children Fund would cease in 2025.

Secretary for Department of Health, Mr Clement Totavun accepted the equipment and said that it was well received and welcomed Save the Children Fund’s partnership as a big relief to the health department’s project for health and nutrition for women and children.

Mr Totavun said that any logistic procurement for purchasing equipment for the nine facilities would be arranged by the department to support the continuation of the project throughout Bougainville.

Mr Totavun said that any future funding arrangements by other stakeholders would have to meet the requirements of the health department.

He said that the department's health promotion programme needed funding support from interested stakeholders but there was a complacency criterion that the department has already authorized and was the formal way of processing payments of new equipments for health centers throughout the region.

Mr Totavun said that he was not new to Save the Children Fund and was more than happy to advise the organization on the health and nutrition of women, infants and young children in Bougainville.

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