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Your Honor, Sir Kina Bona, Honorable Members of the House of Representatives of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, my People of Bougainville.

I take note of the foreign dignitaries who are also here to witness the swearing in ceremony of my caretaker government. It is my pleasure today, three days after my declaration, and following the Return of Writs yesterday; I am now announcing my caretaker government in accordance with Section 82 of the Bougainville Constitution. My caretaker government comprises of 1) myself, President Ishmael Toroama; 2) Vice President Hon. Patrick Nisira Member for Halia; and 3) Hon. Therese Kaetavara, Women’s Representative for South Bougainville.

The allocations of Ministries and Portfolios under my Caretaker government are as follows:

1. President; and Minister responsible for:

  • Planning and Inter-government Relations
  • Minerals and Energy Resources
  • Post Referendum and Consultations
  • Finance and Treasury
  • Police, Correctional Services and Justice

2. Vice President; and Minister responsible for:

  • Primary Industries and Marine Resources, Agriculture and Livestock
  • Economic Development
  • Technical Services
  • Lands, Physical Planning, Environment and Conservation
  • Personnel Management and Administrative Services

3. Minister/Women’s Representative; and Minister responsible for:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Community Government
  • Community Development

The caretaker government will be responsible for running the government for the next 14 days. This will include meetings and ongoing consultations with the Government of Papua New Guinea, key development partners and the ABG Administration, Public Service machinery and government agencies.

My caretaker government within the 14 days will aim to implement relevant policies and directives towards the preparations of the more permanent government, considering also the financial and budgetary implications.

I thank Your Honor, Sir Kina Bona for presiding over this ceremony and witnessed by the Honorable Members of the Autonomous Bougainville Government. I believe my caretaker government is balanced, experienced and we are prepared to deliver within the next 14 days.

I take this opportunity to assure the Honorable Members and my people of Bougainville that after 14 days I will announce my full government with clear policy directives and plans.

I will also take time to consult with each elected members, elected members regional committees, my Party Caucus, my Party Executives and other prominent Bougainvilleans so that I have the best government that can deliver the required services for the people of Bougainville.

My caretaker government will be in operation for the next 14 days from yesterday. Therefore, I would like to assure my people of Bougainville and Papua New Guinea, that I as your mandated President am ready to take Bougainville forward, focusing on law and order, anti-corruption policies, the ratification process and improving fiscal self-reliance of Bougainville.

On a more specific role, I take note again that my caretaker government will focus critically on the Dialogue and Consultation phase with the Government of Papua New Guinea in preparation for the Ratification process.

In conclusion, I call on every able Bougainvillean to rally behind my caretaker government for the next 14 days until a full and permanent government is formed.

Thank you Honorable Members and those that are here today to witness this important occasion.

God Bless Bougainville.


Hon. Ishmael Toroama

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