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Targets set for 2023

The Chief Secretary Mr Shadrach Himata has appealed to the public service and the people of Bougainville for their understanding and support to the government and administration as they continue to implement key projects this year.

Mr Himata said that the year 2023 was the year of ratification and that the governments of Papua New Guinea and Bougainville would continue to have diplomatic talks and meetings on the agreement of when the ratification will take place.

He said that as a responsible public service, the workforce must work with the governments to implement the prioritized projects for this year.

This was important when both governments are negotiating the date and year for the ratification and that the ABG needed its work force and people for their support, he said.

Mr Himata said that the main focus areas for 2023 are improving law and order services, ratification, revenue and income generation and infrastructure development.

He said that the administration was working on improving the Law and Order services by creating policies and legislations that will support police officers and increase recruitment to enforce law and order in the communities and throughout the region.

He said a fire service operator would be operating in the region due to the many reports of arson cases that has caused a lot of business houses last year and that there would be a control of influx of the travelers into Bougainville from outside.

Mr Himata urged that negotiations on the ratification between the governments of Papua New Guinea (PNGovt) and Bougainville (ABG) were still ongoing and that the final date would be announced this year.

Mr Himata said that the other key priorities were revenue and income generating services and infrastructure and development services.

The projects highlighted for 2023 were;

Revenue and income generating prospects

  • A refinery plant probably in the second quarter of this year
  • Water bottling production by mid year
  • Airline business- investment in Bougainville’s own airline service
  • Bana Special Economic Zone project’s investment to increase
  • Panguna mine and landowners agreement-  Shareholder agreement certificate
  • Manetai lime stone development
  • Chocolate factory- commencing the process of setting up the chocolate factory
  • Increase of Fisheries revenues
  • Improve tax collection fees
  • Motor vehicle licensing and fees
  • Promote carbon trade to reduce logging activities
  • Implement Tourism act
  • Regulate cash crop commodities exported from Bougainville
  • Improve bilateral trade and relations with nearby countries
  • Implement hydro electricity projects at Panguna and Wakunai
  • Implement solar power project at West Coast
  • Registration of a locally owned power company
  • Invest in a new communication company
  • Increase VSAT installation for Atolls
  • Increase radio frequency for NBC through Bougainville
  • Improve Arawa Hospital and Buin Hospital
  • Buka-Arawa highway maintenance
  • Road construction from Pitolo to Kesa and
  • Construction of Bana to Buin bridge

Mr Himata said that the National Government has approved K600m budget for ABG and that the onus was for the administration and the work force to continue to deliver the basic services that is required under the budget.

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