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2024 Bougainville Public Service Dedication: A commitment to uphold values and serve with integrity

Public servants in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville came together today for the inaugural dedication mass for the Bougainville Public Service at the St Peter Chanel Parish in Gagan, Peit Constituency.

Chief Secretary and head of the Bougainville Public Service Shadrach Himata in his address told public servants that their commitment to the people of Bougainville is fundamental to this dedication service today.

“This commitment is reflected in the Bougainville Vision 2052 and the Bougainville Integrated Strategic Development Plan, both of which we launched last October. These visionary documents, born from our collective aspirations, pave the way for Bougainville’s socio-economic and political prosperity over the next three decades,” he said.

Mr Himata highlighted the significance of the Bougainville Integrated Strategic Development Plan (BISDP), the first medium-term plan for the government, as a key tool to guide their efforts over the next four years. He stressed the importance of a 'whole-of-government' approach, emphasizing collaboration with the people to translate aspirations into concrete realities.

The BISDP outlines sector-specific goals, including strengthening governance, creating a just society, fostering education and health, promoting innovation, improving infrastructure, developing a diversified economy, and cultivating peaceful communities. These goals align with the plan's core values of good governance, transparency, inclusiveness, sustainability, resilience, cultural preservation, peace, and reconciliation.

“As public servants, whether we are in the front line or behind the scenes supporting service delivery to our people, it is imperative that we uphold these important values in the everyday discharge of our duties. Our people have the right to expect high ethical behavior from each and every one of us no matter what job we perform,” he said.

Secretary for the Department of Personnel Management and Administrative Services, Connelly Kekun, highlighted that the Bougainville Public Service is the core mechanism to deliver services to the people of Bougainville with integrity and accountability.

He said that his Department, under the leadership of the ABG Minister for Public Service, Hon. Amanda Masono, they will be leading the overall transformation process of the public service.

“The intent inevitably is to transform the Bougainville Public Service from the current status quo to one that is founded on good governance and modern best practices and is effective, efficient transparent and accountable to the government and the people of Bougainville,” Secretary Kekun said.

Secretary Kekun said his Department will be working closely with the Department of the President & BEC to ensure that the staff performance framework for all public service staff at the individual work plan level is also aligned with the ABG’s planning framework under the BISDP.

“This includes the incorporation of the BISDP ‘whole of government’ values, as well as that individual work tasks and KPI’s are directly derived from Department Corporate Plans that are formulated in alignment with the BISDP.”

“As you well know, being a public servant in Bougainville is no easy feat. We are tasked with not only delivering services to our people, but also to set the foundations we need for an independent Bougainville in the future. It is in this sense that I want to call on all of us today to realign ourselves to the Long Term Vision for Bougainville that ‘By 2052, Bougainville will be a high income, educated, healthy and peaceful sovereign nation’,” he said.

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