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ABG President attends Pacific Sustainable Infrastructure Conference in support of Bougainville infrastructure development plan

ABG President Hon. Ishmael Toroama will participate in the Pacific Sustainable Infrastructure Conference held in Brisbane, Australia from the 25th to 27th September, 2023.

Through his participation, President Toroama is proud to announce the signing of an Infrastructure Agreement, which provides the framework to deliver critical infrastructures for Bougainville worth an estimated value of USD$4.8 billion (PGK17.5 billion) comprising government buildings, schools, hospitals, airport, sea ports, bridges, roads, power, telecommunications, and other essential infrastructure.

“The first ABG was elected on 15 June 2005. In the 18 years since then there has been frustratingly slow progress in the delivery of critical Bougainville infrastructure,” President Toroama said.

“This Infrastructure Agreement provides the framework to deliver critical infrastructures for Bougainville in a short timeframe while maintaining quality, value, and transparency.”

The Infrastructure Agreement represents a momentous step for the ABG towards building a prosperous future for Bougainville through substantial advancements in critical infrastructure development.

The Infrastructure Agreement is between the ABG and the following Companies:

  • Bougainville Public Private Partnership Limited (BPPPL) is appointed as the Program Manager responsible for fundraising and project delivery of Bougainville Infrastructure Development Plan.
  • Kramer Ausenco (PNG) Limited is appointed as the Project Manager responsible for project design documentation, project management and facilities management of infrastructures under Bougainville Infrastructure Development Plan.
  • Bougainville Islands Group Limited (BIGL) has agreed in principle to provide land to the BPPPL partnership as part of the infrastructure agreement.

President Toroama assured the founder of Kramer Ausenco (PNG) Limited, Frank Kramer, that his Government will collaborate closely under this new Infrastructure Agreement, with the shared goal of delivering urgently needed infrastructure for the people of Bougainville.

“ABG will be working together in partnership with Kramer Ausenco and BIGL to deliver transformative benefits for the people of Bougainville and agree to work closely together to achieve this,” President Toroama. 

The Pacific Infrastructure Conference brings together political, business representatives from Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Japan, France, and various international partners, including the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and United Nations Development Programme, making it the most inclusive event of its kind in the Pacific's history. 

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