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ASON unveils state-of-the-art K4.7million office complex

Arawa School of Nursing is a proud recipient of a brand new Office Complex worth K4.7million, funded through the National Department of Higher Education Science Research and Technology (DHERST).

The facility which houses four lecture rooms, computer lab, demo room and office space is the new state of the art building that was uniquely designed by Mr. Clarence Pokona, a local contractor in Arawa.

Founder and Principal of the institution, Mrs. Celyn Tusalah thanked the Prime Minister Hon. James Marape and the Minister for DHERST Hon. Don Polye for funding this vital building which will go a long way to serve the people of Bougainville and PNG through the knowledge that will be imparted through such facility.

“I thank the National Government for hearing our cry and funding such a facility which I believe will go a long way in serving the future health workers of this region and Papua New Guinea as a whole,” she said.

Minister for DHERST Hon Don Polye when officiating at the opening ceremony congratulated the Arawa School of Nursing on the opening of the new facility and stressed that it was a symbol of growth, progress and a brighter future ahead.

“Congratulations on the completion of the new lecture rooms and administration offices for staff and students - this achievement is undoubtedly a significant milestone in your institution,” he said.

Minister Polye added that the availability of additional teaching and learning facilities will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the institution’s capacity to enroll more students and in turn, graduate a higher number of nurses.

“This development holds advantages and implications for your institution and the health care community as a whole,” he said.

However, the Minister also challenged that as ASON proceeds with enrolling and graduating more nurses, it was crucial to ensure that the quality of education and clinical training remains uncompromised.

“Maintaining rigorous standards, fostering a supportive learning environment and providing adequate resources and faculty are vital to producing competent and skilled nurses who can deliver high quality care,” Mr. Polye stressed.

This accomplishment contributes to addressing the nursing workforce shortage and positively impacts health care provision in Bougainville community.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Tusalah further thanked the Marape/Rosso government for further assisting with funding of K1.5million to build five staff houses.

She said this assistance will enable the teaching staff to have a roof over their heads while serving the people of Bougainville through the provision of nursing training.

The new office complex is dedicated to Mrs. Tusalah, the founder and Principal of Arawa School of Nursing. The complex was officially opened this week by the Minister for DHERST Hon. Don Polye and Minister for ICT Hon. Timothy Masiu on behalf of the Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, whilst the plaque was unveiled by ABG Minister for Health Hon Dennis Lokonai on behalf of the ABG President Hon Ishmael Toroama.

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