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Bougainville launches key planning blueprints

The Bougainville Vision 2052 and the Bougainville Integrated Strategic Development Plan 2023-2027 represents a shared, home-grown vision that sets the course for Bougainville’s socio-economic and political prosperity over the next three decades.

Today, the Autonomous Bougainville Government officially launched these two significant strategic plans at Toniva in the Kieta District in Central Bougainville.

ABG President Hon. Ishmael Tororama officiated in this program, and delivered his keynote address to an audience of ABG political leaders, senior public servants from the headquarter and districts, community government representatives from North, Central and South Bougainville, and the general public.

President Toroama stated that the long term plans were an extension of his Government's Six Point Strategy, and focuses on holistic development that will build Bougainville’s capacity through human resource development, encourage proper development of our natural resources and addressing social issues like education and healthcare.

"By taking a holistic approach, integrated approach to planning, we can ensure that our efforts are targeted, effective and sustainable,” he said.

"Another important benefit of strategic planning is that it helps us to allocate resources effectively. It is essential that we prioritize our spending and invest in areas that will have the greatest impact."

The formulation of the plans was driven by the Bougainville Strategic Research and Planning Secretariat together with the Directorate of Strategic Planning and Policy, taking on a consultative and research approach to ensure the long terms plans for Bougainville were comprehensive, all-inclusive and genuinely reflected the true aspirations of Bougainville.

“Formulating these two important plans took two years of research and consultations. So much work has been put into these two plans by our hardworking team in the government in capturing the true essence of our vision for a new Bougainville.”

President Toroama called on the Bougainville Public Service as the Government’s implementing machinery to play an integral role in ensuring Bougainville achieves its goals through:

  • Economic development by creating a conducive environment for economic growth, job opportunities, alleviate poverty, increase investments through foreign investments and promoting local entrepreneurship.
  • Social development to address issues such as inequality, education, healthcare, and basic living standards for our citizens and improving law and order.
  • Political development ensuring a vibrant democracy by improving our governance systems and promoting accountability and transparency.
  • Environmental sustainability is an important aspect of development for a developing nation to be such as Bougainville. We have a lot of natural resources with the potential for development. We must strive to protect the environment and conserve our resources.
  • Technological advancement is essential for Bougainville to be a part of the global community. We must seek to modernize technology on Bougainville to increase efficiency and competitiveness at the global level.  

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