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Bougainville Public Service welcomes new Deputy Chief Secretary for Strategic Planning & Policy

In a small but significant ceremony, the Department of President and BEC in the Bougainville Public Service, extended a warm welcome this week the newly appointed Deputy Chief Secretary who will head the Strategic Planning and Policy office.

Mr. Steven Kolova, from the Bana District in South Bougainville, was appointed by the Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee as the ABG’s Deputy Chief Secretary for Strategic Planning and Policy.

While Mr Kolova might be new to this title, he is no stranger to the Bougainville Public Service. His career began over sixteen years ago when he joined the then Division of Autonomy.

Over the years, Mr Kolova served under various government leadership at both the political and administrative levels, and has pioneered new grounds in the implementation of Bougainville’s autonomy arrangements, policy and legislation development and research initiatives.

Prior to Mr Kolova’s appointment, he was Acting Secretary for the Department of Bougainville Independence Mission Implementation where he played a leading role in facilitating the closure of autonomy arrangements as Bougainville prepares to transition into independence.

Outgoing Acting Deputy Chief Secretary for Strategic Planning and Policy, Stephanie Elizah, described Mr Kolova as an asset who holds valuable institutional memory about Bougainville’s progressive development.

Additionally, the outgoing Acting Deputy Chief Secretary Ms Elizah also contributed immensely to the Strategic Planning and Policy office during her 8-month tenure.

Notable achievements include the completion and launching of the ABG’s long term plans; the Bougainville Vision 2052 and the Bougainville Integrated Strategic Development Plan 2023-2027.

Under her leadership, she also secured a BEC-approved decision for the establishment of the ABG’s own Department of Planning set to take effect in 2024. 

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