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Congratulatory Message to the Member-Elect for North Bougainville, The Honorable Francesca Semoso

As President of Bougainville, I want to take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to the Member-Elect for North Bougainville Open the Honourable Francesca Semoso.

For more than a year our people of North Bougainville were deprived of the right of representation in the National Parliament after the untimely passing of the Late Hon. William Nakin. Following this tragedy, I am glad that the people of North Bougainville finally have a National Member of Parliament who will represent North Bougainville in the 11th National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

The Member-Elect for North Bougainville, Hon. Francesca Semoso is not new to the political scene. She is a seasoned politician in Bougainville having been elected the Woman Representative for North Bougainville twice in the Bougainville House of Representatives; first in the inaugural First House and she served her second term in the Third House.

The Hon. Francesca Semoso is a strong advocate of social issues, and progressive development and an even stauncher advocate of Bougainville’s desire for political independence from Papua New Guinea. She will champion Bougainville’s Independence aspirations on the floor of the National Parliament to the best of her ability.

The leadership vacuum in Bougainville has now been filled. Bougainville’s leaders in the National Parliament and the Autonomous Bougainville Government must unite under one cause and that is delivering our people’s ultimate desire for an Independent Sovereign State of Bougainville.

This is not a time for division amongst us nor the time to compromise on our people’s aspirations for Independence. We all have a sacred duty to serve the best interest of the people of Bougainville by delivering the desire of 97.7 percent of Bougainvilleans who want nothing less than independence from Papua New Guinea.

Once again, I offer my warmest congratulations to the Member-Elect for North Bougainville the Hon. Francesca Semoso, I look forward to the many positive developments that will come about through her leadership. 


Hon. Ishmael Toroama, MHR 

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