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Siara-Korepovi Road Maintenance and Missing Link Construction Project

The West Coast of Bougainville celebrated a momentous occasion last week with the official launch of the Siara-Korepovi Road Maintenance and Missing Link Construction project.

This project, aimed at the construction and sealing of the long-neglected West Coast road, marks a significant turning point in the region's development and is funded by the Office of the Regional Member through the ABG.

ABG Minister for Technical Services Hon. Joseph Mona says that with this assistance from the Bougainville Regional Member, they will ensure that this important infrastructure is built to give service to the people of the West Coast of Bougainville.

“This place has economical potential as the international shipping lane is located 60kilometers outside from here and if Bougainville becomes an economic power house in future, a wharf will be built somewhere in the West Coast between Marau and Taiof. This is a very economical and strategic point, and this leadership will deliver this,” he said.  

“This road had been neglected by former governments. Under my leadership as Minister we want to change the system, we want to appreciate this contract in the correct way through good governance and good governance is about doing things the right way not by selfish ways and greed,” Minister Mona stated.

Minister Mona stated that this important road will serve a population of over 20,000 people and it will open new doors such as giving access to tourism sites and the landowners will benefit from spinoff businesses.

Regional Member and National Minister for Internal Security Hon Peter Tsiamalili Junior shared similar sentiments stressing that this road is the way to raise economic independence.

“We have a lot of Economic liberation in the west coast, and I appeal to all stakeholders – people of West Coast, Mahari and Teua, the Technical Services, Contractors, business men and women of Mahari and Teua to stand together and let us work together with the developments happening within the west coast and change the West Coast,” he said.

Minister Tsiamalili encouraged local businesses to prepare for sub-contracting opportunities, ensuring that the benefits of the project extend to the community. He also called on the contractor RAIBRO Ltd to work diligently, respect the customs and cultures of the people of West Coast and ensure that the project is delivered according to standard.

“Business men and women of Mahari and Teua, if you have a truck, bulldozer or whatever company that Raibro can benefit from or you can benefit from Raibro, please register your companies and ensure your papers are in order so that you can access the opportunity to obtain sub contracts,” he said.

“I guarantee you will have sealed roads so I urge you all, young men and women, people of West Coast to work on the land and see that hard earned money that you want.”

Minister Mona also used the opportunity to announce that ABG has plans in place to build a wharf within the West Coast of Bougainville and communication towers along the coast, facilitating connectivity and further development in the region, adding that this will also be done with the assistance from the Regional Member and the National Minister for Information and Communication Technology.

“We want quality work, value for money and projects that will last long, serving our people here who have been isolated for a very long time,” Mona said.

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