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Statement from the Office of the President: President Toroama calls for peace and calm amidst nationwide unrest

I am appealing to every citizen of Bougainville to remain calm as the nation faces strife and turmoil in the urban centers in Papua New Guinea.

I am urging Bougainvilleans to refrain from participating in any form of social disorder that only seeks to disturb the peace and create havoc and confusion. There is nothing to be gained from such unruly behavior that has seen the destruction of millions of kinas worth of property and the unnecessary loss of lives.

For those of you who reside outside of Bougainville, I want to emphasize the importance of keeping yourselves and your families safe. In the chaos and confusion, opportunists will prey on the unsuspecting public who are vulnerable due to the lack of police presence in most areas in the country. Be vigilant and take care of yourselves.

On the home front, I will not tolerate any form of dissent and opportunistic behavior that wants to capitalize on what is happening throughout the nation. Any person or group that acts in a manner that will disturb the peace or threatens good order will be dealt with accordingly by the Bougainville Police Service.

I congratulate our three urban councils of Buin, Arawa and Buka for maintaining order in our three respective towns. I commend your leadership and steps you have taken to securing our towns and our people.

I want to reassure the business houses such as the Bank of South Pacific, Ela Motors, City Pharmacy and our local businesses that in Bougainville it is business as usual. The government and the people guarantee the security and well-being of your operations in Bougainville.

In light of the current situation in Port Moresby and the rest of the nation, I offer our prayers and sympathies. There is a possibility of a political shift that may intensify the situation, so we must pray for peace and normalcy to prevail.


Hon. Ishmael Toroama, MHR
President of Bougainville

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