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Thirty-two public servants graduate from Leadership and Governance program

Thirty-two public servants from the Bougainville Public Service graduated from an intensive six-week long Certificate in Leadership and Governance training this week.

The program was made possible through a public private partnership between SP Brewery Foundation Inc, the Somare Institute of Leadership and Governance (SILAG) and the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

The Certificate in Leadership and Governance course is a tailored and targeted leadership training program designed to help develop young leaders who wish to take up leadership roles in their respective work places and build up knowledge and skills related to the government.

ABG Minister for Public Service Hon. Amanda Masono congratulated the public servants for their commitment in completing the course, despite challenges.

“I would like to congratulate our public servants here today. You have made sacrifices by ensuring that you completed six weeks of training away from your departments,” she said.  

She emphasized that leadership is a continuous learning process and all public servants who graduated from this program must commit to excellence going forward, and build a spirit of collaboration and innovation as a public servant.

Minister Masono stressed that the Ministry for Public Service is a challenging one as it deals with managing people’s behavior and managing public perceptions of the public service itself.

“A lot of times, public servants have a lot of expectations in terms of carrying out their duties and our government does not have the capacity to support them adequately. While on the other hand you have criticism coming from public on public service performance. But again our role is to serve first and foremost,” she said.

“A lot of times we are criticized, but criticism is good because it helps us to assess ourselves to perform to expectations. So I hope that the training you have received will assist me as the Minister for Public Service to turn things around and instill back the confidence that people should have in the Bougainville Public Service.”

Minister Masono also acknowledged the SP Brewery Foundation Inc as the major sponsor of the training, the SILAG management, the National Department of Personnel Management and the ABG department heads for their support in the program, adding that these joint efforts have made a significant impact of the professional growth of Bougainville public servants.

The graduation ceremony was witnessed by Secretary for National Department of Personnel Management Taias Sansan, Chairman of SP Brewery Foundation Inc. Bart Philemon, CEO for SILAG Michael Barobe, ABG Caretaker Chief Secretary Esther Usurup and ABG Department heads in Buka.

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