Department of Personnel Management and Administrative Services

Department of Personnel Management and Administrative Services


Headed by acting Secretary CONNELLY KEKUN under the ministerial leadership of Honorable AMANDA MASONO, Member for North Bougainville Women's, ABG Minister for Public Service. Its mandate is focused on;

  • Human Resource management
  • Performance management
  • Office allocation and housing policy
  • Government housing
  • Records management and archiving
  • Labor and employment
  • Information Technology
  • Governance, management and procurement
  • General office supplies and equipment 


News and Updates 


03 November 2021 

Minister Mona: Public service reforms important for independence

Newly appointed Minister for Public Service and Member for Lule Constituency Hon. Joseph Mona says he is committed to reforming the Bougainville Public Service institutions and laying the foundations that will support independence for Bougainville.

Minister Mona made this remarks when delivering his maiden speech during the November session of the Bougainville House of Representatives.

“The public service is our greatest asset and must be provided with the best policies so that it can be able to deliver services effectively and efficiently to our people,” he said.

“That is why we must invest in our public service workforce, continue to build the capacity of our workers and ensure that we put in place strong systems that promote and support excellence and good governance,” he stressed.

Minister Mona highlighted in his maiden speech some of the focus areas that will enable these reforms to take shape in the public service.

“An effective and efficient public service must be economical meaning that it must be able to deliver services at the lowest cost possible. It must be transparent, emphasizing free flow of information and in that way it can be able to minimize corruption. It must have integrity, this has to do with the ethical conducts and to behave professionally and ethically,” he said.

Minister Mona further added that the public service must be responsible, accountable, equitable, participatory and representative of the will of the people.

“This is the time for public servants to raise the standard of service in both professional and technical fields,” he said.

The Minister added that his Ministry will also be focusing on the Sharp Agreement as a critical area of implementation.

“This is the means through which we will achieve rapid acceleration of the transfer of powers and functions that we need as a government to sustain critical services,” he emphasized.

Minister Mona acknowledged the leading efforts of former Minister for Public Service Hon. Emmanuel Carlos Kaetavara and also thanked the President for his appointment saying he and his people of Lule Constituency are honored to take on this new role.