Department of Technical Services

Department of Technical Services


Headed by Secretary ANTHONY KOIRI under the ministerial leadership of Honorable JOSEPH MONA, Member for Lule Constituency, ABG Minister for Technical Services. Its mandate is focused on:

  • Technical Services
  • Program Management Unit
  • Geo-hazards
  • Transport infrastructure and services (roads, airports and wharves)
  • Telecommunications, radio and postal facilities and services 


News and Updates 

03 November 2021: Technical Services update

ABG Minister for Technical Services Hon. Joseph Suwamaru this week provided key updates in parliament on a number of programs currently underway in the technical services sector.

On aviation and physical infrastructure, Minister Suwamaru announced that the Nissan Airstrip is now ready for use.

“I wish to advice this honorable House that Nissan Airstrip has been renovated, tested and ready for use,” he announced.

He said that Tropic Air had successfully landed its aircraft at the Nissan Airstrip a few weeks ago, confirming the usability of the airstrip.

Further to this, the National Member for South Bougainville has also begun rehabilitating the Buin Airport in South Bougainville.

Under Electrification, the Minister described this sector as a lucrative industry.

He acknowledged the recent announcement by the Government of Australia for the electricity package for Bougainville; however says that the government is working towards a long-term solution to create a Bougainville-entity that can earn healthy revenue to meet the expenses of operating and providing reliable power supply to the region.

 “Under an equitable policy, an effectively managed sustainable company can be created to generate revenue, manage and control expenses, declare profit and pay tax to ABG,” he said.  

Work is being done to progress this accordingly following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between ABG and PNG Power Ltd in May this year.

In the space of road transport, Minister Suwamaru thanked the National MPs for their continued support to feeder roads in parts of Bougainville. He said the lack of bridges in south-west Bougainville is a critical issue that the Ministry is focused on resolving as soon as possible.

“Lack of bridges in south-west Bougainville covering Nagovis, Siwaii, entering through Makis, continue to inflict hardship and social and economic costs to citizens, businesses, schools and hospitals in south west Bougainville,” Minister Suwamaru said.

He said the Ministry has started exploring options to improve the current situation.

“I apologize to the travelling public who has been inconvenienced by the absence of bridges. The Ministry has made representations to various partners for help with the current situation,” he said.

The trunk road sealing from Wara Pitpit towards Arawa was set to begin work about two weeks ago by RAIBRO Construction, however Minister Suwamaru says issues with resource owners who have demanded K50,000 before sealing commences, have halted this progress.

“The so called resource owners making unreasonable claims have impeded and attenuated physical infrastructure development in many parts of the region. This has to stop if we are to benefit from donor and development partners,” he said.

Other updates from the Minister included work on improved infrastructure in the digital communication space under a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the National Department of Information and Communication Technology two months ago, plus exploring further options on benefit-sharing from the ICT sector.

Work is also underway for the development of a water and sanitation policy framework for Bougainville.