Department of Treasury and Finance

Department of Treasury and Finance


Headed by SecretaryJOHN AUNA under the ministerial leadership of Honorable MATHIAS SALAS and Member for North Nasioi, ABG Minister for Finance.  Its mandate is focused on:

  • Budget and expenditure control
  • Treasury 
  • Revenue including the Office of the Collector of Taxes
  • National Government grants and revenues
  • Accounting and financial services
  • Payroll operations
  • Secretariat to the Bougainville Tenders Board

A Milestone Event 2017 under the Department of Treasury and Finance

The Autonomous Bougainville Government hosted the first ever Revenue and Tax Summit in September this year. The principle focus of this historic summit was to explore ways to improve the financial outlook of the region.The summit follows recommendations from the first Joint Review of Bougainville’s Autonomy Arrangements by the Government of PNG and the ABG. This summit further strengthens the ABG’s efforts in moving towards achieving fiscal self-reliance as specified in the Bougainville Peace Agreement. 

Links for Presentations from the Bougainville Revenune and Tax Summit

1. Achieving self reliance in Bougainville: Professor Satish Chand

2. Transitioning to fiscal self reliance in the AROB: Professor Satish Chand

3. Fiscal self reliance under the BPA: Anthony Regan

4. ABG fiscal position and the way forward: Brenda Tohiana

5. Donor partner financing and cooperation: Daphney Toke, Office of Chief Secretary and Justin Shone, United Nations Development Program

6. Collection and disbursement of national taxes (IRC): Dr Alois Daton, PNG IRC Tax Commissioner 

7. Compliance with national taxes (IRC): Dr Alois Daton, PNG IRC Tax Commissioner 

8.Compliance with sales taxes in Bougainville: Gabriel Pantel, ABG Chief Collector of Taxes

9. Customs duties, fees and charges- A Bougainville's perspective: Roy Paul, Chief Commissioner PNG Custom Services

10.Draw down of revenue and tax powers and functions: James Tanis, Secretary Dept of Peace Agreement Implementation

11. Economic development – revenue and tax implications: Catherine Welbia, ABG Dept of Economic Development and James Lloyd PGF Economic Development Adviser

12. Revenue and tax opportunities and options: Mark Olsen, PGF Revenue and Tax Adviser

13. Mining in Bougainville: Gideon Tongo, Dir. Regulatory Ops Div, ABG Dept of Mineral and Energy Resources

14. Artisinal and small scale mining in Bougainville (ASM)-raising government revenue: Anthony Regan Australian National University

15.Fisheries – inshore and offshore: Mahara Auhi, Director Fisheries, ABG Dept of Primary Industries and Richard Mounsey, PGF Fisheries Adviser

15. Agricultural commodities: Thomas Betitis, Secretary, ABG Dept of Primary Industries

16. PNG Cocoa Board;Moses Burin, Regional Manager, Bougainville

16. State land: Raphael Nagual, Secretary, Dept of Lands

17. Bougainville business associations – experience and suggestions: Robert Critchley, Buka Business Association

18. Development of the New Panguna Project - Potential Revenue Streams:  Bougainville Copper Limited