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Public Trustee services available in Bougainville

The people of Bougainville can now access public trustee services through the ABG Department of Justice.

This is made possible following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the ABG Department of Justice and the Office of the Public Trustee of Papua New Guinea early this month.

The MoU now allows for the delegation of some public trustee powers and functions to be performed by the ABG Department of Justice.

ABG Secretary for Justice Kearnneth Nanei said that this was an outstanding MoU that was supposed to be signed in 2022 during the Public Trustee Training in Bougainville, however it did not eventuate.

Despite that, Secretary Nanei said this arrangement now through the MoU will ensure vital services of the Public Trustee are delivered directly to the people of Bougainville.

“This signing of the MoU will bring services to the people of Bougainville right at their doorstep. The ABG will take full responsibility to implement these powers and functions appropriately to ensure this Public Trustee services benefits our Bougainville families in terms of deceased assets, money etc.” he said.

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